Website Review: rachelsenglish.com

In short: Pronunciation, pronunciation, pronunciation—very detailed pronunciation practice. In videos, Rachel shows and explains how to make each sound in American English. There are also pictures of the side of a face with lines on it to show what’s happening inside of the mouth. And she has great exercises to help you practice what you’ve learned.

For students: Start by clicking on “How To Use This Site”. If you really want some help with your pronunciation, Rachel will analyze your speech for $50 or $100. The sample video is very impressive.

For teachers: You might put your students into groups and have each group use her videos to understand a different sound. Then, they could make presentations to the class on their sound.

Iowa’s Helpful Pronunciation Site

Website Review: http://www.uiowa.edu/~acadtech/phonetics

In short: Extremely helpful for pronunciation—this website lets you see how to pronounce English sounds. You really need to visit the site to understand how great it is. You can click one button to see how each sound is pronounced inside the mouth. Another button gives you a step-by-step description. You can also see the sound from the outside and hear it pronounced at the beginning, middle, and end of a word.

Linguistics students who are having trouble understanding their textbooks will also enjoy this site. They’ll finally understand what all those strange words are describing.

For students: If you have trouble with the vocabulary, there is a glossary in the top right that defines the words.

For teachers: Try brining your students into a lab (or assigning the site for homework). The students should choose a sound that is difficult for them and write a sentence that contains the sound five times. For example, a student that chose “L” might write: Lovely ladies look lovely. They every time they make a mistake with that sound in class, you can ask them to say their sentence.

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