Website Review:

In short: Hundreds of games that performers use to sharpen their minds, but teachers can easily change to help students learn English. For example, in one game, people use flashlights to control where the performers go. Teachers might modify the game to say that students use flashlights to move two other students (who are reading a dialogue) around.

For students: There are lots of fun games on this site. You can play any of them in English (or your language) and have fun.

For teachers: As a homework assignment, you could ask students to choose a game and present it to the class. Most games have a small number of rules, so it’s a challenging, but not overwhelming descriptive task.

Website Review:

In short: A great site. An amazing site. This is a really wonderful site.

Let’s start by saying that it’s difficult to describe this site “in short”. You’ll need about three hours to just look at everything. But the fine British Council folks in China have made a site that’s easy to understand and use. Grab a cup of tea and start enjoying all the great resources.

First off, you can read and listen to stories and articles on many different subjects and themes. Easy to use glossaries are there to help students with difficult words.

Then you might check out some idioms or other shorter bits of language on the site. They come with wonderful audio tracks, videos, or cartoons.

Maybe the best things on the site are the video and audio series. “Big City Small Word” is an audio soap opera that would be great for students studying alone or for a class to listen to together. If you’re looking for Business English resources, you’ll find an essential series that takes you from an employee getting fired through interviews and to a new person starting.

And everything is very interactive. You really feel like you’re part of a global English community.

For students: In addition to reading, listening, and following a series, you can also play lots of useful games. This site makes it easy to learn English. Have fun!

For teachers: Click on the “Go To English Online Teachers” tab to find a bunch of resources just for you. You’ll find downloadable workshops and other great tools to help you become a better teacher. There are even lesson plans that accompany some of the material on the main site.

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