Free Form Friday: Finding Resources



(1) Resource: A useful thing

The consulting group has many resources for helping companies succeed.

(2) Trade Show: An event where people in a specific industry meet to show their products

The trade show is a great opportunity for us to meet potential buyers.

(3) Supply Chain: The movement of stuff from the start to the consumer

Our supply chain begins in China and ends right here in New York City.



1. How can you use LinkedIn?

a. To find a job

b. To find an employee

c. A and B

2. Why should you join groups on LinkedIn?

a. To network

b. To see discussions about your industry that will help you learn

c. A and B

3. How can you easily find blogs about your industry?

a. Search on Google

b. Go to company sites

c. Look for links from your country sites

7 ________________________

Free Form Friday


By Jeremy Schaar

The hardest thing about studying Business English is that most Business English lessons have nothing to do with your job. It’s just general English. It might be helpful, but not really. The English you need for your job is different. So, how can you get better? Fortunately, there are many resources online that can help you. Today, you’ll learn about some different ways to study English that will really help you. I’ll share two resources and give an example for a specific industry.


You probably know about LinkedIn. If you’re not a member, you should join now. You create a profile that’s like a resume. It’s great for searching for new jobs or finding new employees. But, it’s so much more. It’s an excellent place to study English. You can find a group that’s about your industry. After you join the group, you’ll receive emails from the group. You’ll see lots of great discussions.

Reading is the best way to improve your English. This is a great resource for reading about your industry. You’ll find the vocabulary and grammar that you need. And if you have problems, you can ask the people in the group to explain things to you. It’s also a great way to network.

I have some students in the Trade Show industry, so I joined a Trade Show group. Here’s an example of an email I got. (Click on it to make it bigger.)

Trade Show News Group


Blogs are a second great resource and finding them is easy. Just do a Google search for [your industry]+blogs. You’ll find a lot of great reading material.

Some more of my students are in the supply chain industry, so I like to read supply chain blogs. Here’s a link for a ton of great supply chain blogs.

Kinaxis Blogs

Learning English can be hard. You’ll need specific language for your industry. LinkedIn and blogs are a great place to start.

And, by the way, if you have trouble understanding the blogs or LinkedIn groups, send me a message. I’ll be happy to help with lessons.

As always, if you have any questions, please post them on the blog, Facebook, or Twitter.


Answers To Today’s Questions

C, C, A


You Can Do It All Yourself But You Dont Have To

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