Global Marketing Tuesday: Apple and Adding New Value



(1) Functionality: Something doing what it should do

Functionality is necessary for any product. A phone can look great, but if it doesn’t work, why would I buy it?

(2) Industrial Cream: The color of computers in the 80s and 90s.

Can you believe all our computers used to be so ugly? Industrial cream is a terrible color.

(3) Value: Adding something to your life.

The value of a product can be in making our lives easier, happier, more interesting, or almost anything that people want more of.



1. How were computers marketed in the 1990s?

a. For their power

b. For their fashion

c. Like a furniture item

2. What value did Apple add to computers?

a. Functionality

b. Power

c. Beauty

3. How did other companies respond to Apple’s new value?

a. They copied it

b. They refocused on power

c. They added functionality

7 ________________________



By Jeremy Schaar

Marketing is about demonstrating value to people. It’s about showing someone that your product is worth their time, money, and energy. Sometimes companies have a chance to expand the value of their products in interesting ways. In this lesson, you’ll learn about how Apple did this with computers. You’ll gain some useful vocabulary and thoughts on how to market your product.

Throughout the 1990s, computers all came in the same colors: industrial cream and industrial black. They were ugly. In advertisements companies focused on power. Here’s a funny example:

Apple realized that if their computers looked better, a lot of people would buy them just for that. Here’s an early example:

Apple expanded the value of a computer beyond functionality. Instead of just being powerful, the computer was now beautiful. This marketing strategy has proved so successful, that everyone in the industry now includes the beauty of their products in their marketing campaigns.

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Answers To Today’s Questions

A, C, A


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