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(1) Cool: Good and attractive

In fashion, it’s more important to be cool than functional.

(2) Functional: Useful and working well

These boots might not be cool, but they’re very functional and will be more comfortable when climbing that mountain.

(3) Marginal: Small and not important 

He might be a marginally better programmer, but his people skills are terrible. No one wants to work with him.



1. Why did Apple market their products as working well?

a. Other computers had more power than Apple

b. Most computers would often stop working

c. Most computers had many useless programs

2. What is NOT an example of Apple showing they have cool products?

a. A commercial with cool colors, music, and dancing

b. Steve Jobs showing the world the iPhone

c. A commercial with a cool guy representing Apple

3. Why did Apple have big events for their new products?

a. They were excited about their work

b. To get free promotion from the event

c. To show journalists the product

7 ________________________

Free Form Friday


By Jeremy Schaar

Last week on the blog, I began to introduce a great company: Apple. You learned about Apple’s product development and supply chain management. This week, you’ll learn about Apple’s marketing, You’ll learn some great vocabulary and ideas that you can apply to your own company.

Product design and supply chain management seem to me to be Apple’s two greatest strengths. But Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak disagreed. He said, “I would say marketing was [Steve Jobs] greatest strength.”

Why is Apple so great at marketing? Apple markets their products in three ways. First, they just work well. Second, they’re cool. Third, when a new Apple product comes out, that’s a big event. Here are examples:

Dell, Intel, Microsoft, etc. They marketed computers as powerful. And they were powerful, but who cared? We just wanted the computers to work all day without having to restart them.

In addition to just working, Apple markets their products as cool. In contrast, other computer companies marketed their products as functional. Apple sold their computers like their were fashion items. They weren’t always the technically best computer. And other companies have made technically better phones. But, until recently, no other company has marketed their products as cool and fashionable.

Apple’s final marketing innovation was to create anticipation and excitement for their products, to turn a new Apple product into a cultural event that got them a lot of free advertising. Other companies were constantly updating their lines. Every two months, a better computer came out. New computers were normal, like Macy’s getting new shirts. Apple changed all that.

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