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(1) Convince: To make someone think something is a good idea

He convinced me to buy stock in Facebook. I really think it’s going to to go up.

(2) Push Marketing: When you convince someone to buy something.

Push marketing succeeds when it shows that a product is good for someone.

(3) Pull Marketing: When you convince someone to convince someone to buy something..

Pull marketing can put pressure on the buyer from many sources.



1. What good thing does V8 assume we already know?

a. V8 is not just for old people

b. V8 is healthy

c. V8 is delicious

2. Who is the target of the Lucky Charms commercial?

a. Parents

b. Children

c. People who want to have fun

3. What will Stuart Mill be about next week?

a. B2C marketing

b. B2B marekting

c. B2G marekting.

7 ________________________



By Jeremy Schaar

Today on the blog, you’ll learn the difference between push marketing and pull marketing. You’ll also learn some examples of each. It will give you some ideas for how to market your product and help you discuss the ideas in English.

In short, push marketing is when you convince someone to buy something. Pull marketing is when you convince someone to convince someone to buy something. Let’s look at the ideas in more detail.

Push marketing is traditional marketing. A simple example would be an advertising campaign that stresses how great your product is. Let’s say you’re selling milk. You might create a television commercial where different people talk about how healthy milk is. Then, when people go to the store, they’ll buy milk because they want to be healthy. You pushed them to buy milk.

Here’s an example of a commercial that pushes you to buy the product:

V8 is a vegetable juice drink. In this commercial, they give examples of things that people are wrong about. For example, people are wrong about the fountain of youth and they’re wrong about lightning making people famous. They’re also wrong that V8 is only for older people. At the end, we hear that it’s “delicious and great”.

This commercial pushes us to buy V8 because it’s not just for old people and it tastes good. It assumes that we know it’s healthy, but that we don’t buy it because of it’s image as a bad tasting drink for old people. So the ad says those things aren’t true. Buy it.

So, what’s pull marketing? Let’s look at an example:

Why is this pull marketing? Because it’s not aimed at the person who will buy the breakfast cereal. Instead, it’s aimed at children who will then pull their parents to buy Lucky Charms.

The difference between push and pull is very important in marketing. Next week, we’ll look at what it means for B2B sales.

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