Free Form Friday–Google Analytics



(1) Conversion: A successful attempt.

Apple has had thousands of conversions from PC to Mac over the past 10 years.

(2) Goal: Something you want to happen.

My goal is to study one hour every morning.

(3) Checkout Page: The web page you see when you are about to pay for something.

The checkout page for your site is really confusing. You need to simplify it.



1. What is the purpose of online advertising?

a. Get people to visit your site

b. Get people to do something on your site

c. Sell more products

2. Which is NOT an example of a goal?

a. Viewing a search ad

b. Buying something

c. Liking something

3. Why is it useful to know how long people spend on your homepage?

a. Maybe it’s too confusing

b. Maybe people want it in Chinese

c. A and B

7 ________________________

Free Form Friday


By Jeremy Schaar

In last week’s lesson, I presented Google AdWords. You learned important vocabulary like campaign, keywords, and CPC. The basic idea, however, is simple. You place ads online that direct people to your website.

Today, I’ll explain about another Google product: Google Analytics. You’ll learn what it is and why it’s useful.

Getting people to visit your site is not enough. Once people get to your site, you want them to do something. In a way, this is the same as a regular ad and a regular store. You might put an ad on television or on a billboard. People see the ad and come to your store. But that’s not enough, you want them to buy something.

For online ads, it’s the same idea. You get them to your website, but that’s not enough. Once they’re at your website, you want them to do something. These are called goals.

Here are some examples of goals:

Buying Something

Reading Something

Sharing Something

Liking Something

Completing a Form

Google Analytics is Google’s product that let’s you see what people do on your site. You can use it to learn which pages they visit, how long they spend on each page, and what they click on while there.

The most important idea for Google Analytics is called conversions. Conversions are when someone reaches a goal. A goal can be almost anything you want. For example, let’s say you want people to buy something. The goal would be for the person to reach your checkout page.

So Google Analytics can keep track of which pages people visit. What else can it do?

Lots and lots of things. In short, it tells you how people get to your website, if they’ve visited before, and what they do after they arrive.

For example, you can learn how long someone spends on the homepage. If they leave quickly, then your homepage isn’t giving them what they expected. They came and left when they realized it was bad. So you should change it to what they want.

Another example: You can learn the language of the poeple who visit. If you suddenly see a lot of Chinese speakers on your site, you know you should translate your site to gain their business.

There are many examples, but the key concepts are goals and conversions. Google Analytics lets you set goals for your site and learn how often you succeed.

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Answers To Today’s Questions

B, A, A


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