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(1) Audience: The people interested in your ad

Our audience is 20-30 year old females.

(2) Mighty: Strong, Powerful.

He has a mighty kick that lets him kick the ball very far.

(3) Slogan: A few words a company uses to give meaning to their brand.

Nike’s slogan–Just Do It–is the most famous slogan ever.



1. What do we see in the ad?

a. Young people playing games in a bar

b. Athletes doing physical challenges

c. People eating

2. What is this song about?

a. Being fashionable

b. Advice for young people

c. People saying they’re great athletes

3. What does the ad show?

a. The combination of fun and athletic shoes

b. Bored young people

c. How to have fun at night.

7 ________________________



By Jeremy Schaar

Puma definitely knows their audience. Today on the blog, you’ll learn how they use the knowledge of their audience to create a great advertising campaign.

First let’s look at one ad. We see young people having fun at night. They’re bowling, playing darts, foosball, table tennis, and pool. They’re also singing a song. They sing:

Everywhere we go (Everywhere we go)

People want to know (People want to know)

Who we are (Who we are)

So we tell them (So we tell them)

We are athletes (We are athletes)

Mighty, mighty athletes (Mighty, mighty athletes)

Remember to play the ball (Remember to play the ball)

Loser buys a round for all (Loser buys a round for all)

Here’s my number just in case (Here’s my number just in case)

Put the falafel in my face (Put the falafel in my face)

Because we are athletes (We are athletes)

Mighty, mighty athletes (Mighty, mighty athletes)

We are athletes (We are athletes)

Mighty, mighty athletes (Mighty, mighty athletes)

If the bouncer doesn’t like us (We go to another place)

Then at the end we see Puma’s slogan: Here’s to the after-hours athlete

Puma knows their audience well. They’re an athletic shoe, but most people actually wear their shoes while they’re hanging out with their friends. To combine these two ideas–athletic shoes and hanging with friends–Puma focuses on the games we play when we’re out at night.

And they’re right. Everyone loves playing games and having fun with their friends. So let Nike be the shoe that you wear while you run. Puma will be the shoe you wear while you’re having fun with your friends.

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Answers To Today’s Questions

A, C, A


You Can Do It All Yourself But You Dont Have To

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