Personal Growth Sundays–Delayed Gratification



(1) To delay: To put off, to wait until later

I delayed doing that report because I wanted to watch a movie.

The project was delayed because we couldn’t get the supply fast enough.

(2) Gratification: Feeling happy about something you did

I get a lot of gratification from giving a good presentation.

(3) Never ending: Something that will always be true

Paying taxes is never ending. The government always wants more.



1. In the video, how long should the child wait?

a. 1 minute

b. 5 minutes

c. 10 minutes

2. What can you do to be more successful?

a. Work even when you can do something fun now

b. Eat more sweeties

c. Wait for good things to come to you

3. Does the child in the video get two sweeties?

a. Yes

b. No


Personal Growth Sunday


By Jeremy Schaar

Here’s a simple question that determines how successful you’ll be in life.

Are you able to say no to one good thing if it means a better good thing later? Think about these choices.

For a child, would you like one cookie now, or two cookies later?

For a student, would you like to meet your friends now, or get a better score on a test?

For a worker, would you like to read articles online, or work for a bonus?

These are choices we really make. It’s easy to understand that people who can wait for better things will have better things.

This idea is called “delayed gratification”.

In a famous study, shown in the video above, a child is offered a sweetie (or a marshmallow, cookie, etc.). The adult tells the child that if they wait, they can have TWO sweeties. Children who wait are usually more successful later in life.

Sometimes these studies make me feel bad. I feel like my whole life was determined when I was four years old. But that’s not true. Success isn’t a yes or no question. Success is doing things you’re proud of. It’s a process. It’s never ending.

What this idea shows us is that if we can wait through some bad things, we’ll be able to do more things we’re proud of. For your own growth, stop checking Facebook and just work a bit harder. Delay good things now, and you’ll get better things later.

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Answers To Today’s Questions

C, A, A


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