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(1) To go viral: When something is shared a lot

That cat video is so cute! It went viral and now everyone has seen it.

(2) Feedback: When someone tells you what they think about your work.

The product works well, but let’s send it to the marketing team for feedback. They always have good ideas.

(3) Sales channel: A place where you can sell your product or service.

Our online sales channel increased our revenue by 20%.



1. Why is like a poster or a billboard?

a. It only presents the product and brand

b. It’s part of an integrated marketing campaign

c. It doesn’t have viral videos

2. How can make you make something go viral?

a. Post it on YouTube

b. Put a cat in the video

c. Create something people will share

3. How do smaller companies create online stores?

a. Their web developer builds it

b. They create an extension of their physical store online

c. They partner with larger companies like Amazon and Paypal

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By Jeremy Schaar

Today, you’ll learn about marketing your brand online. I’ll present some common goals for online marketing and examples of companies that do it well. After reading, you’ll be able to talk about these things at your job and use the language in presentations.

Companies are online for a few reasons:

1. To advertise the brand/product

Most websites are simple advertisements for the brand. They’re similar to a poster or a billboard. The site presents the product and price. Visitors can read about the values of the company as well as its history. If people are really interested, they might read about company news on the company blog.

Go to to see an example of simple site that does nothing more than advertise the product.

The other way to advertise online is to get people to share something related to your company. In other words, you can try to make something go viral and create word of mouth advertising.

Companies do this in lots of ways. You have to make something that’s worth sharing. Here’s an awesome example.

2. Communicate with the people

A second way companies use the internet is to communicate with people. Companies use social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to get feedback on their products and answer complaints. A grocery store, for example, will take complaints or requests on their Facebook page. It’s an easy way to learn what customers think and respond quickly.

One of my favorite language companies is called Voxy. Voxy has a great Facebook page where they’re always posting little vocabulary quizzes for students. It’s an easy and free service they provide for students and it lets them communicate with their students daily.

3. Create a new sales channel

Traditional sales channels include a store or a catalog. The internet lets you sell your products online. Larger companies will build their own online stores, but most companies find partners like where they can easily sell their items. They’ll also partner with a company like PayPal to receive payments. Of course Amazon and Paypal take a percentage of sales, but they also make setting up an online store incredibly easy.

Got questions or comments? How about practicing some new vocabulary and posting your thoughts on the blog, Facebook, or Twitter?


Answers To Today’s Questions

A, C, C


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