Writing Great Emails



(1) To be in touch: To be in contact

I like to stay in touch with my old college friends. We meet once a year.

(2) Reference Letter: A letter that says someone is good for a job (or other position)

I’ll need two reference letters if I want to apply to that college.

(3) To be set: To be ready to go

Just give me a minute. I’ll go to the bathroom. Then I’ll be set.



1. What’s Step 1 in writing a request letter?

a. Show that you care

b. Ask for your request

c. Talk about yourself

2. Why is it OK to ask quickly?

a. You’re very busy

b. Everyone has done it

c. It’s very important

3. Why should you talk about yourself?

a. Otherwise they’ll reject you

b. You have to be polite

c. The person wants to know


Writing Great Emails



By Jeremy Schaar

Here’s a situation: You need a reference for a new job. Someone to say that you’re a good hire. And, luckily, you have the perfect reference. The only problem is you haven’t spoken to them in a while. What can you do?

You have to send them an email, but how? Let’s think about it. Today, I’m going to share with you how to write an email where you get back in touch with someone. You’ll learn a few rules and some good expressions to use.

OK, so the first you want to do is show an interest in them as a person. Here are some ways to start this email:

Step 1: Show That You Care

You can say: “How have you been?” or “How has everything been with […]”

These are great. Often it’s all you need. But if you need a bit more, you can add: “It’s been a long time right? I’m sorry we haven’t been in touch.”

Step 2: Make Your Request

“Actually, the reason I’m writing is to ask you to […]”

You can ask them what you want in Step 2. It’s OK. It might feel a bit weird, but there’s no need to wait. It’s OK. We’ve all been in this situation. Don’t worry about it.

You might say “…ask you to be a reference. You don’t need to do anything, but could I get your phone number in case they want to call?”


“…ask you to write a letter of reference for me. I know it’s a lot to ask, but I’ve just applied for a job as a […] and you’d really be helping me a lot.”

Or whatever else your request is.

Step 3: Talk About Yourself Here’s where you can share a little bit about yourself. You can say:

“As for me, I’ve recently […]”


In other news, I’m […]

And you can share a little about yourself. You do this because it is your friend and they’re probably interested in you.

Step 1: Show That You Care Step 2: Make Your Request Step 3: Talk About Yourself

And you’re all set!

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Answers To Today’s Questions

A, B, C


You Can Do It All Yourself But You Dont Have To

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