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(1) Innovative: Something new and good

Their innovative use of direct mail was really great.

(2) To pitch: To suggest and try to get someone to agree

He pitched the investors on his small business. Hopefully, they’ll give him the money he needs.

(3) Direct Marketing: This is when the message goes straight to the customer.

I’d love to do a direct marketing campaign, but first we need customer emails or phone numbers so we can market to them directly.



1. What is direct marketing?

a. Targeted messaging

b. Television advertising

c. Communicating a message directly

2. What kind of campaign was “Back To Vinyl”?

a. Direct mail

b. Jingling

c. Direct sales

3. Why is this campaign great?

a. Creative directors are techy

b. It’s sexy and dangerous

c. It understands the audience

7 ________________________



By Jeremy Schaar

This week, we’ll talk about direct marketing, generally, and direct mail in specific. These are old types of marketing, but we’ll see an innovative use. You’ll learn vocabulary that will help you discuss and pitch these campaigns. Ready? Let’s go.

Direct marketing can actually be lots of things. It’s any type of marketing where you’re communicating with someone directly. For example, maybe you’re a bank and you want people to use your credit card. You might just call all of the people who use your bank, explain why your credit card is great, and try to get them to use it. (This is called “telemarketing”.)

Other examples of direct marketing include email and door-to-door sales. But today, let’s look at an innovative use of direct mail.

Direct mail, as you might guess, is when you send a letter or package to someone. In the letter, you make some sort of pitch–you ask them to try your product or do something else.

Let me tell you about a cool and innovative direct mail campaign. It’s called “Back To Vinyl.” You can see the video above.

So, this record company wanted to pitch some music to creative directors. But how can you get the creative directors to listen to the music? They did it with a direct mail campaign. They sent a package with a record. (You remember records right? We used them to listen to music before mp3s and CDs.) They also included some paper and instructions for how to fold the paper into a record player. Then, creative directors used a smartphone app to listen to the music.

This campaign is great for a few reasons. First, it understands the audience. Creative directors are going to be very interested in a big orange record that they get in the mail. But they’re also very technological people and like to use their smartphones.

What do you think? Is it a good idea? Practice your English and leave a comment below.

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Answers To Today’s Questions

C, A, C


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