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Rules For

Writing A

Good Essay

1. Start with an outline.

2. Don’t be too creative.

3. For your thesis, copy from the question.

4. Give good examples.

5. Give your best reason first.



1. Why should you start with an outline?

a. You don’t want to waste time.

b. It’s required for the test.

c. A plan makes your essay stronger.

2. When is it OK to copy?

a. In your thesis statement

b. In the body

c. In your conclusion

3. Which reason should come first?

a. Your best

b. Your worst

c. The first you think of

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Free Form Friday


Essay By Jeremy Schaar

Are you looking to advance your career with an MBA or another degree? You’ll have to write an essay for a TOEFL test, GMAT, or GRE. Today, I’ll share with you the right strategy for writing these essays.

For the TOEFL, GMAT, and GRE they ask you to write essays. They’re a little different depending on the test, but basically the same. They give you a topic that anyone can write about. You say if you agree or disagree and why. You have 30 minutes to write the essay. An easy example would be:

Everyone should study a foreign language.

Rule #1: Start with an outline. Take five minutes to make a good outline. It will definitely make your essay stronger if you have a plan.

Rule #2: Don’t be too creative–just agree or disagree. Sometimes they ask good questions and you have complicated opinions. Forget that. Just agree or disagree and forget how you really feel. You don’t have enough time.

Rule #3: For your thesis statement, it’s OK to copy from the question. Going with our example, you can say I firmly agree that everyone should study a foreign language. Use the exact words.

Rule #4: Give good examples (not just reasons). An example is a specific person, place, or thing. With our example, you might say, people should study a foreign language to meet new people. That’s a reason. For example, I met my boyfriend because I studied Spanish.

Rule #5: Give your best reason first. Usually, you’ll give two or three reasons to support your opinion. Start with your best.

In the future I’ll give you more ideas about writing a great essay. If there’s a specific question you have, please let me know in the comments. And, by the way, if you’d like to take a test preparation course, I can help with that too. Go to stuartmillenglish.com to see all the courses I offer.

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