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(1) Tush, Tushie, Duff: Butt

Stop sitting on your tush. Get up and do something.

(2) Prevalent: Common, everywhere

Smoking was prevalent in the ‘50s, but these days, not so many people smoke.

(3) To huff and puff: To breath heavily

I was huffing and puffing while I went for a run.



1. What does it mean “to not question something?”

a. To not bother it

b. To not think about whether it’s bad

c. To not worry about it

2. A social interaction got her walking. What’s a social interaction?

a. Something with another person

b. Something with exercise

c. Something unhealthy

3. What was her solution for the problem of choosing health or work obligations?

a. She thought outside the box.

b. She started walking while she worked.

c. She became more creative.


Saturday Listening Lesson


By Jeremy Schaar

Nilofer Merchant says “Sitting has become the smoking of our generation.” Scary, but she has a great idea. She says: Got a meeting? Take a walk. Today, I’m going to help you understand her video.

Before I can help you , you’ll need to actually watch the video (see above).

Also, here’s a link that shows you the best way to watch videos.

Today’s video has three parts.

Part 1 is Sitting Is Bad For You. This is from the start to 1:22.

Part 2 is How Her Idea Began. It’s from 1:22 until 2:02.

Part 3 is What She’s Learned. That’s from 2:02 until the end.

So, in Part 1 she explains that people sit too much–usually 9.3 hours a day–and that sitting too much causes health problems like cancer and diabetes. She says that sitting is so prevalent that we don’t even question it. To not even question something is a phrase we use sometimes. We use it to refer to bad stuff that most people don’t think is bad.

Unfortunately, scary statistics don’t cause us to change. In Part 2, she explains a social interaction finally changed her. Basically, a friend asked her to walk during a meeting. She made the idea her own and now she walks 20-30 miles (that’s 30-50 kilometers) every week.

In Part 3, she explains what she learned.

1. Going out of the box leads to out-of-the box thinking. (This just means walking made her more creative.)

2. She found a solution for how to exercise while meeting her obligations. So it’s also possible to find other tough solutions.

In the end, this is a simple, but very attractive idea. Sitting too much is bad for us, so why not get off your tush and start walking?

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Answers To Today’s Questions

B, A, B


You Can Do It All Yourself But You Dont Have To

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