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(1) Guerilla marketing: This is low-cost, not normal product promotion. Examples include flash mobs and graffiti.

For our guerrilla marketing campaign, we had people sleep outside in January in the middle of the city to show how warm our sleeping bags are.

(2) Promotions: The part of marketing that lets people know about a product and its value.

Our product is great. The price is right. And we’re selling it in stores everywhere. Now let’s promote it with some television advertising.

(3) Buzz: Excitement for something.

The buzz about the new song is really great. I’m excited to listen to it.



1. What do you need to open a Molson beer fridge?

a. A friend from Canada

b. A promotional code

c. A Canadian passport

2. Why did Molson make this campaign?

a. To save money

b. To build buzz

c. To get drunk

3. What emotions does Molsen want associated with Canada?

a. Cool and fun

b. Sexy and dangerous

c. Nerdy but nice

7 ________________________



By Jeremy Schaar

Three words: Guerrilla. Beer. Marketing.

Guerrilla is usually associated with war. It’s soldiers fighting outside of a normal army.

Let’s call beer a fizzy drink that helps us relax.

Marketing is about showing the value of a product.

What do they have in common? That’s what you’ll learn today. You’ll also learn some vocabulary that will help you on the job.

Molson is a Canadian beer. They recently had a really cool guerrilla marketing campaign. (See above.)

The campaign was this: They put refrigerators full of beer all around Europe. To open the fridge, you needed a Canadian passport. Then, they filmed everything and made an awesome YouTube video. We can see excited crowds looking for a Canadian and then parties on the street after a Canadian arrives. Great idea, right?

Why would a company like Molson choose a guerrilla marketing campaign like this? Why not just buy television commercials and advertisements in magazines? First they probably did buy television commercials and advertisements in magazines. But guerrilla marketing can do more. It can create buzz.

Buzz is a little difficult to explain, but basically it’s when people are excited about something. They’re talking about it, telling their friends, spreading information.

In the case of Molson, they created buzz for their beer. Over 1,000,000 people have watched their video on YouTube. Thousands have shared it with their friends. In connection with a series of other videos, they’re creating a feeling about Canada, Canadians, and their beer.

The feeling is that Canada is cool. Canadians are a little crazy. If you drink the beer, you’ll have cool, crazy experience. The video really shows this. Only after a Canadian arrives does the party begin.

At the same time, when people are talking about the product, they’re sharing an important part of the brand–that it’s Canadian. Most people didn’t know this before, but now? Now they do. And how.

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Answers To Today’s Questions

C, B, A


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