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(1) To pass on: To give something to someone after someone else gave it to you.

Let me pass on some advice that my father gave me. Find something you love to do and get someone to pay you for it.

(2) Workaholic: Someone who is addicted to work.

If you work more than 12 hours a day I think that means you’re a workaholic.

(3) To put your nose down in something: This means to think about just one thing for a long time.

If you want to pass the test, you’ll have to put your nose down into that book and study.



1. Why is it important to focus?

a. That way you’ll be more interested.

b. Without focus someone has to push you.

c. If you don’t focus, you’ll work on other things.

2. Why are pushy mothers helpful?

a. Sometimes you want to quit. They make you keep working.

b. They give you good ideas.

c. They make sure you are damn good.

3. Why is it important to serve?

a. It gives you good ideas.

b. People only pay for things that serve them.

c. You can get $1,000,000.


Personal Growth Sunday


By Jeremy Schaar

Today’s video is Richard St. John’s 8 Secrets of Success. I really loved this video because he’s funny and I think he has great ideas. Actually, many of the eight things are similar or related to each other, but that’s OK. They’re very useful and I’m sure if you do them, you’ll be a successful person.

In the beginning he explains that he was on a plane and a kid asked him how to be successful. He then interviewed a lot of successful people. Here’s what he learned about how to be successful.

You need passion. This means you should do something that you love to do. Do it for love not for money and the money will come anyway.

You have to work hard. This means that if you want to be successful, you need to work a lot.

Number three is good. To get “damn good” at something means to become very good at something.

Focus is number four. Of course it’s very important to work on one thing. Don’t get distracted. Don’t do other things.

Number five is push yourself. Or you can have your mother push you. Either way, someone should make you work harder.

The sixth thing is to serve something of value. This means that people should want what you do. Otherwise they won’t pay for it. He gives the example of a doctor.

Ideas are number seven. You should have good ideas in order to be successful.

Finally, persist. He makes a joke and says you should persist through crap. Crap means “bad things” and the bad things he mentions here are criticism, rejection, assholes, and pressure.”

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Answers To Today’s Questions

C, A, B


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