Personal Growth Sundays



(1) Aha!: Say this after you have a good idea.

Aha! I know the solution!.

(2) To chill: To relax

You need to take a vacation and just chill for a while. You’re working too hard.

(3) Insight: A good understanding of something

The conference gave me a great insight into the future of the industry.



1. What topics will Personal Growth Sundays present?

a. How to improve yourself.

b. How to get a raise.

c. Where to go on vacation.

2. How does the article suggest you solve difficult problems?

a. Don’t stop working until you find the solution.

b. Take a break, then you’ll have an “Aha! Moment”.

c. Ask for help.

3. The article asks what to do when a problem won’t “yield”. What do you think “yield” means?

a. Survive.

b. Die.

c. Give up, let go.


Personal Growth Sundays



By Jeremy Schaar

Welcome to the very first “Personal Growth Sundays” lesson. On Sundays, let’s take a break from thinking about business and think about you instead. What skills can you develop that will help you at work and home? In these lessons, I’ll present you with articles, videos, and other things that can help you help yourself.

Some questions we might think about here:

  • How can you lead people better?
  • How can you get people to say yes?
  • How can you be more creative?
  • How can you learn new skills?

And more.

Today, let’s think about how you can have better insights. (What’s an insight? Look in Today’s Vocabulary for a definition and explanation.)

Here’s an article that might help you. The title is “Chill, You’ll Have More Aha! Moments”.

What is an “Aha! moment”? In English, we say “Aha!” when we think of a good idea–like a solution to a problem. The article suggests that rather than working and working and working on a problem, that you should just relax. If you do, then you’ll think of  good solutions. What do you think? If you ignore a problem, will the solution come to you?

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Answers To Today’s Questions

A, B, C


You Can Do It All Yourself But You Dont Have To

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