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(1) Sustainable: Possible to continue for a long time.

Our sales level isn’t sustainable. If we don’t increase sales, we’ll fail.

(2) Challenge: Something difficult to do.

It’s a challenge to raise three kids and work full-time.

(3) Inspiring: Something that motivates you.

I think Olympic athletes are so inspiring. I want to work hard like them.



1. What does it mean to be stuck in a rut?

a. Your life is going too easy.

b. You need to work hard every day, but you’re bored.

c. Life is bad for some reason and won’t get better.

2. What does Matt think of big, crazy challenges?

a. They’re impossible.

b. They’re fun, but just for one month.

c. It’s important to make big changes in your life.

3. How many 30 Day Challenges does Matt do in one year?

a. 1

b. 6

c. 12


Saturday Listening Lesson


By Jeremy Schaar

This is one of my favorite videos of all time. It’s easy enough to understand and has an inspiring message. The message is simple: You can do it. (At least for 30 days.)

Matt Cutts is a computer scientist at Google. He’s famous on the internet for explaining how search works and helping people make their websites better.

In this video, he suggests that you try something new for 30 days. In his own life, Matt does “30 Day Challenges” every month. Sometimes he tries to add a new habit like biking to work. Sometimes he tries to subtract a habit like eating sugar.

Why should you try new things every month? For Matt, the answer is that he felt he was “stuck in a rut”. Check out this link. It’s a man who is actually stuck in a rut. What do you think Matt meant when he said he was stuck in a rut?

He learns a few things. First, the 30 Day Challenges make his life more memorable. He remembers the things he does and where he was a lot more after starting the challenges. For example, he remembers where he was when he took the picture.

Second, he learns that he can do anything he wants–at least for 30 days. He even writes a novel.

Finally, he learns that “small, sustainable changes…are more likely to stick.” It means that when he tries to make small changes in his life, he can continue doing them after 30 days. But when he tries to make big changes–even if they’re a lot of fun–he can’t keep doing them after 30 days. So, probably he’s still biking to work every day. But he started eating sugar again after 30 days.

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Answers To Today’s Questions

C, B, C


You Can Do It All Yourself But You Dont Have To

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