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(1) To take advantage of: To use something well, to get benefits from it.

The career center at the university can really help you. You should take advantage of it.

(2) Product: Something a company produces and usually sells

People think of marketing and product development as separate areas of a company, but they need to work together closely in order to succeed.

(3) Carrier: A company that provides phone service.

I need to switch carriers. I can’t make calls from my home because my carrier is terrible.



1. According to the article, which phone is the best?

a. iPhone 5

b. Galaxy Note II

c. HTC One

2. What are the four Ps of marketing?

a. Product, Price, Place, Promotion

b. Product, Price, Pull, Push

c. Parts, Price, Place, Promtion

3. Why are carriers important for phone sales?

a. They decide the price.

b. They tell consumers about the phones.

c. They pay for all the advertising.





By Jeremy Schaar

These days we think a lot about which phone to buy. For myself, I chose the iPhone 4 and I’m really looking forward to buying a Galaxy Note II someday soon. However, after reading this article in Businessweek, I’m thinking of buying the HTC One instead.

According to the article, the HTC One is the best phone in the world. However, Samsung sells about twice as many phones. Why? Marketing.

HTC One might make the best phone, but for most people that doesn’t matter. All the best phones are better than what they need. They’re all “good enough”. Product quality is just one element of marketing. Traditionally, we think of “product” as just one part of the marketing mix known as the four Ps:

Product, Place, Price, Promotion

The article argues that HTC needs to focus on promotion. “HTC’s marketing team has never had the power of its major competitors.” Namely, they need to have a bigger launch event–similar to what Apple and Samsung do. Apple and Samsung have huge events that promote the products well. HTC even attended Samsung’s event and handed out coupons!

I’ll let you read the article to learn about HTC’s second mistake, but their third mistake is not having carriers promote their phones very well. Carrier websites and stores aren’t promoting HTC’s phones. Instead they promote Samsung or Apple phones. I like to read articles about phones, so I know which phones are best, but I think most people trust what carriers say. So if HTC doesn’t have a good relationship with the carriers, they won’t sell too many phones.

Style Note: The article gives a brief introduction and then has “four lessons”. For your next presentation at work, you could think of four (or three, or five) lessons and present them.

How about practicing some new vocabulary and posting your thoughts on the blog, Facebook, or Twitter? What’s another example of a company with a great product but poor promotions?


Answers To Today’s Questions

C, A, B


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