Just Listen

Just Listen

Students, is it easier to study English in California or Poland? How about England or South Korea? Australia or Brazil? Well, of course it’s easier to study in countries where everyone speaks English, right? But why?

Let’s look at three students.

Lesya from Ukraine Lesya lives in Los Angeles and studies English. Every day, she goes to her school and studies in the morning. Then, she often goes to a coffee shop in the afternoon. When she goes home, she likes to watch TV. On the weekends, she meets her American friends and they hang out.

Ji Young from South Korea Ji Young also lives in Los Angeles and studies English. She’s in the same class with Lesya. But, after class, she usually goes home and surfs Korean websites. In the evenings, she likes to watch TV too, but she watches downloaded Korean shows. On the weekends, she meets up with her Korean friends and they hang out.

Thomas from Germany Thomas lives in Berlin and studies English. After he studies in the morning, he likes to listen to music with his friends. They always listen to English music. When Thomas walks, he listens to English music on his iPod. On the weekends, he meets up with his German friends and they hang out.

Which student has the best English? Well, probably Lesya. But the person with the second best English is Thomas. Ji Young lives in California, but it doesn’t matter. She listens to less English than Thomas.

Do you think Lesya understands everything her American friends say? No. Do you think Thomas understands all the music he listens to? No. Just listening helps. You don’t have to understand for it to help. Many students live abroad and don’t improve their English. Many students don’t live abroad and have great English. Which do you want to be?

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