Busy People

A post written for Business English students, but the advice is good for everyone.

Five ways to for busy executives to practice their English

OK. So you’re a really busy person, but it’s important to improve your English. Don’t worry. You can do it. Here’s how.

Ten Sentences Really busy? Just write 10 sentences in English every day. It’s more helpful than studying vocabulary or grammar because you’re working creatively with the language.

Listening on the go Driving? Walking? Eating lunch? You can listen to Business English Pod lessons. Go to www.businessenglishpod.com to download lessons. There are hundreds to choose from on many different topics. Each lesson is about 20 minutes. They start with a short conversation (about 5 minutes) and then slowly review the conversation (about 15 minutes).

bbclearningenglish.com also has a great Business English series (amongst many great series you might enjoy).

TED.com TED has videos on hundreds of fascinating topics. You can always watch with subtitles in English and often with subtitles in your language. You can also read a transcript in English or your language. The videos are just 3-20 minutes long. Watching the same video once a day for a week will really help you a lot.

What I wish I would have said… What do you do when you’re writing an email in English and don’t know how to say something exactly? You usually don’t have the time to make it perfect, so you send it and hope it’s good enough. Use those moments to get better. Create a file on your computer where you save your bad sentences. When you have free time later, go back and make them better or ask someone to help you.

Help Google Go to translate.google.com and type sentences in your language. Check how well Google translates them into English. They’ll be close, but you’ll see mistakes. Can you make them better? Click on the “Contribute a Better Translation” button.

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