Website Review: tesol.org

In short: TESOL is the professional organization of ESL teachers. Membership is $95 a year (and gives you subscription to their journal, a discount on their big convention, and free “Webinars”. (There are different prices and more benefits, go here for all the details).

They also have some great academic “Resources for Teachers”. There’s a category for Primary Ed, Secondary Ed, Higher Ed, Adult Ed, Emerging Teachers, and Researchers. Each page of the site has the links on the left hand side.

Unfortunately, the site is awkward to use, information is hard to find and is filled with phrases like “A topical electronic group (e-group)”. Guess that’s a message board?

As TESOL has expanded, rather than giving away new online content, they’ve enhanced the benefits of membership. They’d do better to use the content to promote themselves and get people to buy memberships. Letting anyone post in the topical electronic groups would be a nice start.

For students studying to be teachers: If you’d like to join, student memberships are just $33.

For teachers: You might be able to take advantage of a discount as well. If you’re a new teacher, it’s just $55 for a year membership.

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