After you take a practice TOEFL

After you take a practice TOEFL®

Would you make a dinner, but not eat it? Would you go to the beach and not go swimming? Would you write an essay, but not have someone look at it? Maybe, maybe, maybe; but if you did, you’d be missing the best part.

After you take a practice TOEFL test, you still have some important work to do. Just taking the test and checking your score is not enough. It definitely helps you, but if you do a little more, you’ll be helped a lot more. Here are some strategies.

Reading and Listening

For each question, ask yourself: What was the right answer? How do I know that was the right answer? What were the wrong answers? How do I know they were wrong?

Sometimes, this will go quickly—especially for “fact-based” questions where the answer is stated exactly in the test. But, for some questions, you will need a lot of time to figure out exactly why what’s right was right, and what’s wrong was wrong. Take your time. You’ll be glad you did when you take the real test.

Speaking and Writing

Listen to or read your answers and make outlines of what you said or wrote. For example:

Question: Do you prefer to live in the city or the countryside?

Answer Outline:

  • I prefer to live in the city.
    • More exciting (movies, concerts)
    • More people (friends, Koreans)
    • That’s why I prefer to live in the city

Now, ask yourself these questions: Are you happy with your speech/essay? Did you give good examples to support your opinion? Would you change anything? If the question asked you to repeat information, did you do that? Did you miss anything?

In general you want to review the tests so that you can really understand your mistakes and your success. If you got it wrong, figure out why. If you got it right, make sure you didn’t get lucky. You’ll be able to use the information to improve your future scores.

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