Website Review: examples-help.org.uk

In short: Lots of explanations and examples of English language things. Everything is organized very well. They start with vowels and consonants and keep going to synecdoche and limericks.

The explanations are OK at best and at times incomplete. Any ESL grammar book has better explanations. For example, they don’t explain how a semicolon can be used to separate items in a list and don’t mention ‘its’ as an example of a possessive noun.

The best parts of the site are the example lists of words like verbs, adjectives, etc. More examples of everything would make the site a lot stronger.

For students: Check out this list of adjectives. Then, learn and use new ones. English is great because you have so many choices. Enjoy them.

For teachers: The site is a great reference tool for learning about literary terms like metaphor and eponym.

P.S. You might also take a look at their companion site: samples-help.org.uk.

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