Name: Celebrity (An elaborate game of pulling words out of a hat.)

Time: 30 minutes to 2 hours

Level: Lower Intermediate or above

Prep Time: None

Materials: Pen and Paper

Primary Objective: Review vocabulary

Other Benefits: Improve circumlocution (finding a way to say something when you forget the word)


Ask each student to write three vocab words from the past unit. Write the words on the board (and add any important ones they forgot).

Divide up the words amongst the students. They should write the words on small pieces of paper. On the opposite side of the paper, they should draw a picture of the word.

(It doesn’t matter if the drawings are bad. Drawing will help them remember the words for later and help students describe the words once the game starts.)


Put all the words in a hat. There are two teams and four rounds to the game.

Round 1: Have a student from one team come to the front of the class and draw a word from the hat. Short of actually saying the word, they can say or do anything they want to get their team to guess the word. If they don’t know the word, they should describe the picture.

Once their team guesses the word, they draw another word. They have one minute to get as many as possible. If they pass on a word, there’s a 15 second penalty.

Now, the other team goes for one minute. Go back and forth until all the words are gone. Count how many slips each team got and write the totals on the board. Put all the slips back into the hat.

Round 2: Same as Round 1, but erase all the words from the board before it starts.

Round 3: In this round, students can only say one word to get their teams to guess the word.

Round 4: In this round, students can’t talk at all. They can only use gestures.


Depending on how much time you want to spend on the game, you can cut any step. For instance, you could just choose the words, put them in a hat and go right to the game.

Some students are very quick to draw pictures and others are slower. To avoid the problem of too much downtime for the quick ones, you might not assign all the words on the board right away. Leave some and assign them to the early finishers.

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