Talking about Sports

This is another speaking topic for students. Click here to read the introduction to the series.

Students, remember, you can only speak English while you do this activity. Don’t speak your native language for at least one hour. You can do it!

Teachers, you can adapt these for lessons, or give them as homework.

Topic: Sports

Objectives: After the discussion, you should be able to discuss sports.

Materials: A computer with an internet connection

Grammar: Present Simple, Verbs + Gerunds and Verbs + Infinitives


Listen and repeat these expressions.

I’m really competitive. Say these if winning is really important to you.
I play to win.
I can’t stand losing.
I just like to have a good time. Say these if winning isn’t really important to you.
I don’t like to take games too seriously.
It’s just a game!
It was over before it began. Say these when a team is easily winning.
They’re dominating.
They’re getting their butts kicked. Say this about a team that is losing badly.
Don’t give up! Say this to someone who should keep trying.
What an exciting match! Say this when you are enjoying watching a match.

Vocabulary: team, competitive, match, dominate, to give up

Vocabulary Practice Go to Sport Illustrated’s website and look at the pictures. Find a picture of something that shows a team; something that shows competition, something that shows match; something that shows dominate; and something that shows to give up

Discussion Questions Discuss these questions about sports with your partner.

Do you like to watch sports? Why? What do you like to watch?

Do you like to play sports? Why? What do you like to play?

Is winning very important to you? Why/Why not?

Do you like to play other games (like chess)? Which games do you like to play OR Why don’t you like to play games?

Is it important for children to play sports? Why/Why not?

Which sport is better for children: soccer or baseball?

Strange Sports Do a Google image search for these sports. Describe them to your partner. Would you like to try playing them?

  • Curling
  • Midget Throwing
  • Bog Snorkeling
  • Underwater Rugby
  • Sumo Wrestling
  • Lawn Mower Racing

Your Questions Write five discussion questions about sports. Ask your partner your questions.

Next Why not ask your classmates to play a sport together. You could make one of the rules that you have to speak English. Anyone who doesn’t speak English gets a penalty.

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