Website Review:

In short: Many things indeed! And each thing is educational and will work quickly on any computer—even slow computers, even computers with slow internet connections.

To begin, there are hundreds of vocab lists and more than 20 games to play with each one. For example, you can do crossword puzzles or match opposite words (e.g. fat-skinny).

But, that’s just the start of the site. Students can practice listening to sounds that are similar (minimal pairs), work with English proverbs, match definitions to words, browse links to YouTube videos, listen to jokes, learn songs, read English signs, read/listen to news stories, and many more.

The Flash Quizzes for ESL Students will make you say “wow.” With all the grammar practice you’ll become an expert. Heck, you can even learn all about American history.

Above all, everything is high quality. The word lists are strong. Definitions are short and good. It all works easily and quickly.

For students: Go to the Random Sentence Generator page. After you learn a new verb tense, use the page to see thousands of examples.

For teachers: Have the students visit it and find three activities they think look cool. At the start of the next class, have them share what they found in pairs, or just write them on a slip of paper for you to check.

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