Website Review: learnrealenglish.com

In short: This site sells a package of items that will help students become better speakers by listening to natural conversations. Repetition is very important. They don’t teach grammar or vocabulary. Instead, students learn vocabulary from context. For example, instead of teaching the past simple, students might listen to a story in the present simple and then hear the same story in the past simple.

For students: They present seven free rules for better speaking that give a lot of really good advice. The advice is best for students who have been studying English for a while, but it’s good for anyone.

For teachers: Check out rules five and seven for two great techniques for teaching students to speak better. You’ll either need to be spending a lot of time with your students or find a way to get them to practice on their own, but the methods are sound.

Update (Sep.9.2010) Check out this related site: effortlessenglishclub.com

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