Talking about Money

This is another speaking topic for students. Click here to read the introduction to the series.

Students, remember, you can only speak English while you do this activity. Don’t speak your native language for at least one hour. You can do it!

Teachers, you can adapt these for lessons, or give them as homework.

Topic: Money

Objectives: After the discussion, you should be able to discuss money.

Materials: none


Listen and repeat these expressions.

I mostly spend money on food. Say this to describe how you spend your money. We chose “food” but you can say any noun.
I need to get some cash. Say when you need to find an ATM/Cashpoint/Bank Machine.
I found a great deal. Say after you found something for a cheap price.
I’m broke. Say when you don’t have money.
I’m dead broke. Say when you really, really don’t have money.
That’s way too expensive. Say after you see something with a very high price.
That’s a great deal. Say after you see something with a very low price.
I need to save up some money for that. Say when you want to buy something after you have more money.
I went on a bit of a spending spree. Say when you spent a lot of money on different things.

Vocabulary: cash, broke, dead broke, deal, spending spree

Vocab Activity: Do a Google image search for each word and discuss the pictures with your partner. (You can also draw pictures of each word and discuss the pictures with your partner.)

Makes lists Write a list of ten things you have bought recently.

Ask your partner the following questions about each item (example answers are in italics):

What is the first thing on your list? The first thing I bought was soap.

Why did you buy it? We didn’t have any more soap at home.

Was it a good deal? Yes. It was a great deal! I only paid fifty cents. / No, it was way too expensive.

Are you glad you bought it? Yes!

Why/Why not? I like being clean!

Question Time: Now ask your partner these questions:

What do you usually spend money on?

Do you usually find good deals?

What is the most expensive thing you ever bought?

What are three expensive things you want to buy in the next five years?

Do you like spending money? How do you feel when you buy things?

Do people save a lot of money in your country? Do people spend too much money in your country?

Do your parents and you feel the same about money? How are different generations different?

Your Questions: Write five discussion questions about money. Ask your partner your questions.

YouTube Money Videos Search YouTube for the following songs and discuss which one you like the most and why.

“Money for Nothing” by The Dire Straights

“Money” by The Beatles

“Money” by Pink Floyd

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