Memorable Moments

Memorable moments

Memorable moments are one of the keys to a successful class. When the student tries to remember the material next week, will they be able to connect it to something? Or will it just be another thing that happened a week ago?

In your classes, if you can create memories that students will associate with whatever you’re trying to teach them, it will be that much easier for them to recall things later.

How can you create memorable moments? Here are five ideas…

Personalize the lesson: Everyone’s favorite topic is themselves.

Draw Pictures: Draw pictures on the board. Have the students draw pictures of whatever they’re learning. Drawing skills aren’t important. Bad drawings are sometimes better. (They’re hilarious.)

Do the unexpected: Do you always sit? Try standing up. Are you always standing? Why not sit down? Try doing your board work before the students arrive and then lecture from a different spot. Or, have the students do your board work for you. What did you do four Wednesdays ago? The same thing you did every Wednesday, so you can’t remember it at all. But if that was the day your school had free ice-cream…

Bring in ice-cream: Maybe not ice-cream, but heck, bring in ice cream. Or stop at the store and buy a bag of small candies. Throw them at students before the class starts. Bring in three apples and give them away to students who do something great during the class. Food is very memorable.

Play music: For the whole class, have music going in the background. Just something quiet that can get absorbed into the background. But that background music will stick with whatever you teach that day.

Go somewhere new: Go outside. Switch classrooms with another teacher. Or even make your room the new place by rearranging things.

These things will make the whole day new, but there are other opportunities to make things memorable throughout a lesson. Take advantage of funny or strange things that happen during the class. Finding and creating memorable moments will make learning English much easier for your students.

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