Talking about Movies

This is another speaking topic for students. Click here to read the introduction to the series.

Students, remember, you can only speak English while you do this activity. Don’t speak your native language for at least one hour. You can do it!

Teachers, you can adapt these for lessons, or give them as homework.

Topic: Movies

Objectives: After the discussion, you should be able to discuss movies

Materials: Paper and Pens

Grammar: Present Simple, Present Perfect, Stative Verbs


Listen and repeat these expressions.

I really like action movies. Say one of these after someone asks you: “What kind of movies do you like?”
I really like comedies.
I really like horror movies.
I really like dramas.
I really like romantic comedies.
That sounds interesting. Say these after someone suggests going to see a good movie.
Oh, yeah. I’d love to see that.
Oh, I heard that was good. Let’s go!
Mmmm. I don’t know. Say these after someone suggests going to see a bad movie.
I don’t think that’s the movie for me.
That’s not really my favorite kind of movie.
How about something else?
It looks exciting. Say this about an action movie that you want to see.
It looks funny. Say this about a comedy that you want to see.
It looks scary. Say this about a horror movie that you want to see.
It looks interesting. Say this about a drama that you want to see.
It looks sweet. Say this about a romantic comedy that you want to see.

Vocabulary: genre, action movie, comedy, horror movie, drama, romantic comedy, anime, documentaries, sci-fi

Draw Movie Posters. On three pieces of paper you should draw three movie posters. Each poster should be for a different genre.

Guess Movie Genres. Now, look at your partner’s pieces of paper and guess what genres they drew. How do you know? Say at least three things that represent the genre. (For example: “That’s a romantic comedy. I know because the guy and girl are kissing. Also, they’re falling off of a boat, which is funny. And it looks sweet.”)

Ask your partner if he/she likes each genre and why/why not?

Do you like action movies? Why/Why not?

Do you like comedies? Why/Why not?

Do you like horror movies? Why/Why not?

Do you like dramas? Why/Why not?

Do you like romantic comedies? Why/Why not?

Discuss movie questions

What movies are in the theater now? (It means: What movies can you watch in a theater now?)

Which movies do you want to see now? Why?

What are some movies you’ve seen recently? Did you like them? Why/why not?

What are some of your favorite movies? Why did you like them?

What is your favorite kind of movie? (Action, drama, etc.) Why?

Do you like to eat popcorn at the movies?

Do you prefer to go to a movie theater or stay at home?

Your movie questions Write five movie discussion questions. Ask your partner the questions.

Watch a movie Now, discuss which movie you’d like to watch and watch it with your partner. Then discuss it. Don’t forget the popcorn.

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