Business English Pod

Website Review:

In short: This is one of the best ESL websites on the internet. The listening activities are excellent and cover a wide range of relevant business topics. In the listenings, new material is presented in natural conversations, and then everything is reviewed slowly. Finally, students can practice using the new words in audio fill-in-the-blank exercises.

There are also interesting games and vocab lessons. The companion website,, is more of the same, but with images to go along with the listening.

Finally, the website is easy to use, professional, and everything loads quickly and plays smoothly. The main stuff is free, but there are attractive extras (like transcripts) at reasonable prices.

For students: Listen to these every day and your English will certainly improve. Stop and replay difficult sections. Write your own dialogues to solidify the material.

For teachers: These podcasts make excellent, easy-to-use, homework. The three main questions that go with each one also make for an easy quiz at the beginning of the next lesson. You can quickly check to see if students did the work without it being an essential part of your lesson.

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